Jo De Buck



Jo De Buck

Jo has been a dealer of international repute based in the Sablon district of Brussels since 1996. For more than 20 years, he has exhibited and provided expertise for major tribal and antique art shows around the world, including Parcours des Mondes (Paris), BRUNEAF (Brussels) and the Tribal and Textile Arts Shows (San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York). He is recognized in his field of specialization both by colleagues and collectors, and has always placed an emphasis on authenticity and how to recognize it. He is very interested in placing ethnographic objects in their historic context to understand the function of the art. The publications he made on the Emile Lejeune collection and on the legacy of Hendrik Elias are wanted tools for this purpose. You are welcome to contact him for advice on objects or curating your collection. He speaks Dutch, French, English and German.

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Jo De Buck

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