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Collectors Gallery

Betty De Stefano’s passion for art and creation surfaced at a very young age and she pursued her artistic training at secondary school and in night classes at the fine arts academy where she studied painting and photography. An increasingly impassioned Betty starts feeding her passion with discoveries in the fields of fashion, design and plastic arts and in the company of artists and designers.

Simultaneously, she discovers a passion for hunting treasures and starts gleaning Art objects and perfume bottles as well as pieces of 20th century design and furniture, which she collects for their aesthetic value, quality and originality. Her curiosity spreads to Art nouveau, Art Deco and Bauhaus as well as modernism and Scandinavian design, contemporary and modern jewellery or still, design jewels and pieces by artists and designers. This credo still remains the driving principle of the Collectors Gallery.
In 1988, driven by the passion of a small group of amateurs and collectors, she opens a first shop in the Brussels city centre before moving to the renowned Sablon area in 1991. The gallery presents collectable items displayed according to the owner’s whims, enthusiasm and passion for budding and innovative creators, the pertinence of whom seems obvious. Her many travels abroad also allow Betty De Stefano to keep up with current trends without ever resorting to the vacuity of fashion. From the very beginning, she developed a passion for jewellery creators who make “wearable art” or “wearable sculptures”, stylistic, original and unique pieces, “Fantastic jewelry for people who are slightly mad” as famous New-York designer Sam Kramer (1913-1964) once said…

Since 2005, the Collectors Gallery exclusively specialises in 20th and contemporary jewellery and objects. This creative arena allows the gallery to avoid being tied into a single perspective and helps it to broaden its horizons whilst keeping the interest for yesteryears’ and today’s creations alive.

In the Collectors Gallery, you will find a shared attention to quality, rarity, originality, and design… in a word, style.


Collectors Gallery

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