Art Sablon - J. Kugel



Art Sablon - J. Kugel


Iacopo Briano & Jonathan F. Kugel opened Art Sablon in 2017 in a 19th c. house converted into an art gallery, in the heart of Brussels’ antiques trade neighbourhood: Le Sablon. They aim to unit their passions for arts, sciences and history and organise themed exhibitions creating dialogues between ancient and contemporary art, natural wonders and oddities. This eclectic selection creates an unique vision of a contemporary Wunderkammer.


Since 2013, Jonathan F. Kugel - 6th generation of a family of antique dealers - defends contemporary artists through exhibitions confronting present creation with traditional Fine Arts.

“After working as a gallery assistant for leading Fine Arts galleries in London, in 2013, I switched to contemporary art and begun representing artists and curating exhibitions.

My statement is simple, I’m looking for the same qualities in a contemporary piece than in an antiques: vituosity, craftmanship, historical relevance and a vision.

The object is a source of emotions through its beauty, grotesque or abnormality and an intellectual stimulus, through science and technique.

During 6 years I organised over 30 pop-ups shows all around Europe (and sometimes further!) mixing wonders from ancient times with naturalia and contemporary art from all around the world.”


Iacopo Briano is a paleontology and natural history expert. He works for different private collectors, museums and auction houses in Europe. For 5 years he started to operate with the art market, offering exceptional pieces, some of his discoveries beat world records in auctions.

selected artworks

Borometz by Carolein Smit


Art Sablon - J. Kugel

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