Lin Deletaille Gallery



Lin Deletaille Gallery

Founded in 1964 by Emile Deletaille, the Deletaille Gallery has made a name for itself by specializing in the traditional art forms of African, Indonesian, Pre-Columbian and Oceanian cultures.

From the beginning, our main concern was to offer archaeological and ethnographic objects of exceptional quality. Our expertise has led us to collaborate with museums, institutions and private collectors around the world.

Since 2009, in parallel with its activity in the field of extra-European art, the Deletaille Gallery has been promoting emerging and well-known contemporary artists whose work is in tune with the values that have shaped its vision for more than 50 years: a questioning of the notions of art and beauty, freed from temporal and geographical shackles.

The gallery organizes several exhibitions per year in the heart of the Sablon, in Brussels, and participates in various international fairs.

From september 19 to september 22, pay us a visit for the Brussels Art Square! B.A.S is a wonderful initiative reminding the primary vocation of the Sablon as a district dedicated to art and highlighting its unique character in Belgium. We are excited to announce that for this edition, we will be inviting Pangolin London, one of the foremost galleries dedicated sculpture. We will be showcasing different visions of three-dimensional objects presenting similar aesthetic affinities: Pangolin’s home-based artists and the work of Olivier Strebelle, a Belgian national treasure.


Lin Deletaille Gallery

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