Kitsune - Arie Vos



Kitsune - Arie Vos

Kitsune is an art gallery based in Brussels (Sablon area), Belgium, founded in 1998. We offer a wide range of Japanese art:

Ceramics. Tea ceremony items (chawan, chaire, hanaire, kogo...), koro, ishizara, andonzara, tokkuri, guinomi, hibachi.
Carvings. Divine art (Shinto & Buddhism), okimono, netsuke, noh masks.
Lacquer Ware. Inro & other sagemono, kogo, suzuribako, fubako, kobako, natsume, chawan, chabako.Paintings. Kakemono & byobu.Metalwork.
Bronzes, mixed metal artworks, tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, kozuka, nihonto, jizai okimono & other items for display.Bamboo.
Basketry & contemporary artworks.
Porcelain. Kutani, Imari, Kakiemon, Arita, Nabeshima, Seto, Okayama, Nagoya.
Furniture. Tansu, shelves, dai, hibachi.

The selection on display goes beyond any specific timeline, offering both antique and contemporary art, carefully selected for the purity of design as opposed to contrived technical intricacy.

Arie Vos, founder of Kitsune, regularly organizes exhibitions and participates in international fairs. He is also founding member of Asian Art In Brussels and co-president of "Cultures, the World Arts Fair". If you would like to be invited to these exhibitions, then we kindly ask you to join the mailing list.

Arie has been specializing in Japanese art for over 30 years and he introduced the "Kitsune" brand in 1998. Today you can visit his gallery, rue des Minimes 55, housed in an 18th century building and based in the fashionable Brussels Sablon area at the heart of Europe.

Note that Arie's passion for Japanese art started during his childhood and over the past 30 years he developed an extensive network of dealers, collectors and curators in this particular field. He can also assist clients with interior designs, evaluations and appraisals (Arie is board member of the belgian chamber of art experts, providing fully documented expertises and guaranteeing discretion).

The gallery consists of two floors, completely arranged for displaying purposes. We hope to welcome you soon in our premises.


Kitsune - Arie Vos

Minimenstraat - 55 - Rue des Minimes

Mobile : M +32 476 87 85 69