Thomas Deprez



Thomas Deprez

Thomas Deprez Fine Arts offers an eclectic selection of high quality paintings, drawings and sculptures, and a wide range of bespoke services to assist the serious collector in pursuing their passion. Active in a niche market of growing popularity, we passionately promote high-end Belgian art from the fin-de-siècle, with a special interest in the Symbolist movement and important artist's societies such as 'Les XX' and 'Vie et Lumière'. In our active search for the most interesting and desirable works of Belgian art through the centuries, we find guidance in quality and rarity, and do so through extensive art historical research.

Collectors ourselves, we find pleasure in both rediscovering artists and recontextualising undervalued bodies of work, as in finding the purest examples of an art historical movement. Our inventory will deliberately remain highly eclectic, with works across all price ranges, providing a wealth of opportunities for new and established collectors to rediscover the richness and diversity of Belgian art.


Thomas Deprez

Rue Bodenbroeck 8A (1er étage)
1000 Brussels

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