Porfirius Kunstkammer



Porfirius Kunstkammer

Porfirius Gallery and it’s founder Alex Van den Bossche are specialising in Kunstkammer objects. Preciosia, Naturalia, Scientifica and Exotica form the 4 domains of a late renaissance or Baroque Kunstkammer, recreated with the spirit of the most demanding connoisseur.

Originating from the fruitfull interaction between collector and dealer, dr. Van den Bossche has built up over the past 30 years a wealth of experience in this early collection domain of late 16th and early 17th century Royal, Pricely and Haute Bourgeoisy domains of interest.
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With the important examples of the Grune Gewölbe, Schloss Rosenburg, Schloss Ambras and a few other magnificent Kunstkammer collections, dr. Van den Bossche tries to recreate the spirit of those historical important collections, predecessors of our actual museums.

The interest in the rare and surprising objects, meant to impress the visitors, the exotic objects, all to underline the intellectual interest of the owner, is a most contemporary theme.


Porfirius Kunstkammer

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